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5 actions that discrete men’s sexual abilities you may not know

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It’s pretty much satisfying to acquire six-packs and money for your partner which sometimes infuses their passion for you but secretly, most women get pissed if your capability in bed is low and weak.

Would you let your partner love you only for Money or Six-packs? No man would want to be described as a weak man even if they don’t desire sexual activities most times. There are actions men practice daily which destroys their sexual abilities and sometimes leads to Erectile dysfunction. These actions have been cruel to thousands who are completely denied the knowledge of its consequences.

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Check out below to see if you are ever immersed or practice these actions. You just have to stop them as a man.

The high rate consumption of excessive sugary foods

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This wholly refers to processed foods which are highly enriched with processed sugars. They cause diabetes mellitus which will definitely lead to Erectile dysfunction.

Globally, the world has recorded over 2 million male citizens who suffer from diabetes Mellitus following the excessive sugary foods they have consumed. Avoid excessive consumption of sugary foods and infuse your sexual abilities.

These are foods to abstain from;

• Ice creams

• All sodas (soft drinks)

• Ketchup

•Fruit juice

•Spaghetti sauce

•Sports drinks

•Chocolate milk


Consume less if you cannot afford to abstain from them wholly.

Eating too much

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This seems hilarious but, precisely, more dangerous to men’s sexual abilities than we think. Victims who devour tremendous foods all-day risk their ratio of emerging to Obesity. Sometimes, it’s staked favouritism.

As a man who cares about his sexual abilities, you should abstain from excessive food consumption for they will lead to Obesity which causes erectile dysfunction and sometimes daily weakness. Schedule your food time table and save your dignity.

Excessive thinking

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The blood and the brain are stressed when the body is not in a comfort state. This is how excessive thinking causes high blood pressure which causes erectile dysfunction.

Excessive thinking would force the body to produce a surge hormone which will cause the heart to beat repeatedly rapid and swerves the blood vessels to narrow.

Generally, Excessive thinking destroys men’s sexual abilities because it inflicts High blood pressure which definitely and wholly kills the men sexual urge and abilities.

Let the situation slide. Don’t overstress your body and brain by involving excessive thinking. They kill. Situations are always there for every being so don’t be a kid.

Smoking and the dearth of exercise

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When a man practices these two, he is likely to land himself a heart disease which will wholly discrete his sexual abilities. You are astonished, right? Yeah, that’s how nature staked it and they should be abstained from.

Smoking is highly dangerous for sexual health and will destroy your lungs and heart as well. Smoking destroys the heart by causing stress and erupting the oxygen in the heart and provides carbon monoxide which makes the heart to work harder. This weakens them. With time, the cells even get weaker and surrender to heart diseases which will lead to Erectile dysfunction.

Body exercise also assists in paving easy functions for the body cells, most especially the circulation and pumping of the blood. In a situation whereby exercise is less in a victim, heart diseases may occur and will lead to erectile dysfunction.

Get those daily body exercise if possible and quit smoking, your partner will enjoy your sexual abilities. Be the man.

Unprotected sexual activities

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Most men love to satisfy their sexual feeling with their partner unprotected because it’s referred to as the most satisfying.

This is clearly dangerous and will likely ruin your sexual desire and abilities because you may contact deadly sexually transmitted diseases. Sexually transmitted disease like Chlamydia. Chlamydia is the world-famous STD that causes Erectile dysfunction in men and are likely complicated to cure.

Avoid kissing, oral s3x and raw intercourse. Find yourself protection and save your sexual abilities.

Most men have contacted STD from most women they have been close to, maybe their Ex-girlfriend or side chick which they may have been striving to cure for years. If she is not your wife, use protection. However, Xclusiveloaded.com don’t encourage cheating.

You could be the superman who all the ladies crave to spend the nights with if you abstain from the actions mentioned above. There are likely much more actions which can destroy men’s sexual abilities but the five above are the most dangerous.


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