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5 Secrete actions that causes depression you may not know

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In the life cycle, thousands suffer depression which sometimes leads to suicide missions or unstable health which has claimed a lot of souls so far.

There are a lot more secret actions which cause darkness in our various status quo but this is extremely dangerous and cruel because 40% of the world’s citizens lack some knowledge behind such.

Sometimes, victims suffer the loss of passion thereby being deprived of the joy they have upon their pleasures. This is the primary depression which has engulfed many so far.

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Medical teams have verified and figured out three forms of depression which are;

• Clinical depression

• Bipolar disorder

• Persistence depressive disorder

Clinical depression

This refers to a hazardous mental status which must lead to depression thereby keeping the victim in full bitterness and loss of passion.

It occurs mostly when the brain lacks stable efficiency thereby providing unlimited depressed mood which sometimes leads to loss of interest In the victim’s favourite activities.

Bipolar disorder

This form of depression occurs with enormous mood switch which can’t be controlled.

It’s dangerous because happiness is not enrolled in its moods. All it offers is sadness and sometimes sorrow.

Persistence depression disorder

In this state, the victim finds no joy. Victim’s sadness remains unlimited and incessant.

The three forms of depression mentioned above can be caused by some of the actions we practice all day. They destroy the brain which leads to depression.

From our exploration and the knowledge of the psychologists, We have gathered five actions which cause depression.

Below are the five secrete actions which cause depressions.

Hard Drugs

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Hard drugs destroy the brain cells thereby displacing its efficiency. This causes depression which is unknown to many.

From the 20th century, 40% of the world population has enrolled their passion in taking pills and hard drugs as their daily life actions. Hard drugs like codeine, Marijuana, cigarette, and cocaine are one of the major hard drugs that displace brain efficiency thereby inviting depression.

The deficit of enough sleep

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One of the brain health infusion is enough sleep. Brain efficiency is incessant all day. This has naturally staked human and has made it compulsory for human to get enough kip all day.

If there is no enough sleep, the brain cell will be weak and this also invites depression.


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Sometimes victims believe prevailing alone is the solution to get away from problem or disaster from human, it’s honest but this causes depression which is unknown to many.

The brain needs interaction and the people who could give it experience and memories. When it lacks this; depression occurs massively.

Staked locomotion

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Staked locomotion as mentioned explains lack of trips, moonwalks and strolls. Victims who are staked in one environment are prone to depression; they are exposed and will aptly get depressed.

The brain gets tired of environments when it remains constants, this also applies to some actions.

Dearth of sports

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Many men don’t find the justifications why they should enrol in any sports of their choice maybe because of their hierarchy or circumstances.

Sports release stress and free brain fatigue because they are liberty. It goes with passion; every single being on earth belongs to one sport amidst passion but sometimes they deprive their whole self fun due to circumstances. This causes depression.





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