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Actions that destroys the brain which you may not know

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In our daily life activities, thousands suffer brain complication like Dementia and Bipolar disorder due to some actions that we overlook all day and practice them.

The brain is one of the pinnacles of human function in which if displaced; may result in haughty character or madness. They are consist of Extraordinary parts with different purposes which should be maintained amidst its health status.

Medical teams have figured out some action that destroys the efficiency of the brain which we practice all day and have urged the world to abstain from these actions for a healthy brain. In this article, we would discuss these actions and their side effect on the brain so to enlighten your knowledge. If you aspire to know these actions, check out below.

Actions that destroy the brain which you may not know

Sleeping late or not having enough kip

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The brain remains efficient all day until it reaches its state of supernatural dilemma. This is to say that they get tired at the desired and staked time most especially in the night. During this period, if one fails to succumb to their call of kip they are destroying the efficiency and the capacity of the brain.  Human nature has always recommended kip as the best tip to restore the efficiency of the body cells most especially the brain but due to some circumstances human tend to deny the brain some rest which will destroy its efficiency and capabilities.

Its side effects

After several nights of no kip, the brain will slowly damage in this numerous aspect and these aspects are;

•You will be engulfed with depression. Depression sometimes is sourced from the brain malfunction which is mainly caused by the dearth of kip.

•Fatigue will absorb your whole strength and energy thereby limiting the rate of your effort every day.

• 100% Daybreak sleeping (it could be at your working place or home)

• Destroys your melatonin hormone. This is one of the most dangerous. Melatonin hormone is a hormone that gives the body the urge to sleep when needed. In a situation when this is destroyed by constant sleepless night, the body will adapt to the complication of sleeping at night.

Excessive consumption of alcohol

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Slur speeches, staggering motions, impaired memory, are all secondary common side effect of excessive consumption of alcohol which disappears once the consumed alcohol dissolves. Yes, it will clearly dissolve but will never leave the brain to its 100% efficiency. This is because, alcohol work in veering the human mood to either happiness or stupidity. This works through the means of weaken nerves which were sourced by alcoholism. When a victim consumes alcohol it will directly weaken the brain cells and nerves which may lead to fatigue and displaced functions which will leave the victim out of control. It never saves because they keep destroying brain efficiency slowly and steady. Abstain from the consumption of alcohol.

Many victims of alcoholism belief they only relieve their stress by excessive alcohol consumption which will even destroy their brain efficiency entirely.

Consumption of hard drugs

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hard drugs like nicotine, tobacco, marijuana, Codeine, Cocaine and so on all invite depression because they increase the rate of the brain substances and undermine the normal production of the neurons. This will eventually lead to some strange complications like a hallucination, Bipolar disorder, dementia, depression and finally hearing some whisper from an unknown source. This will result in addiction which will even worsen the effects.

Excessive consumption of sugary foods

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Processed foods are mainly enriched with excessive sugar which destroys the brain. Excessive sugar in the bloodstream affects the human brain capability mainly referred to the brain capability of thinking and memory. Millions of people consume processed foods daily which may have led them to complications they battle today. Abstain from excessive sugary foods and boost your brain capability and efficiency.

Here some sugary foods that destroy the brain efficiency

• Soda

• Sport drinks

• Energy drinks

• Fruit Juice

Missing breakfast and less intake of water

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Water is the pinnacle the body homeostasis and metabolism, the same applies to foods. When these are fewer complications occurs in massive effects and destroy the efficiency of many organs in the body including the brain. Get yourself enough water and don’t hesitate to take your breakfast every day.

Playing loud music with earphones or headphones

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Electromagnetic waves earphones and headphones produce are liable to withdraw insulation from nerve fibre that carry signals from the ear to the brain. This will clearly affect the brain negatively in these aspects; creativity and memory.

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