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Do you find it hard to win a girl’s heart? check if you do these five things

Check these five tips

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Do you find it so complicated to win a girl’s heart? Do you feel viewed as an unlucky dude referring to the ladies affairs? well as a victim, have you ever ponder why it’s staked so? this is the major reason why we have gathered some possible hidden knowledge about girls which, 80% of the men don’t know about.

Most of The ladies are extremely intelligent and cunning, so it would be also complicated to know their secrets. Females don’t find pleasure in what they hate but you notice not such in their nostalgias just like it’s noticed easily in men.

There is a lot of temperament that hinders men from winning a girl’s heart which has so far staked them as the unlucky ones referring to women affairs, which they know nothing about. No man is unlucky either rich or poor when we refer to woman affairs. Girls need just some minor qualities in you and their heart shall be yours. Its true money can easily attract such but that wouldn’t be genuine but rather, authentic.

If you feel you are the unlucky one, check out if you do these five tips below and dilate from them so to win your favourite girl’s heart. Below are the temperaments.

1. Not standing out bold to Express your feelings

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They love it when you play your role as a man. They love it passionately when you are extremely bold while expressing your feelings despite that they would try to pretend not interested by tempting your qualities. Are you afraid to express your feelings exactly how you felt it? If yes, you are likely not going to win her heart.

This is one of the major reason why the bad boys always win girl’s hearts very glaring as not expected because they are always bold. Takedown your nerves and approach her very boldly. Try a gaze in the eye, very bold and don’t be shy, they hate such.

2. Scolds a lot

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They need care, they need respect, they are so special. These words are registered genuinely inside their blood, in a situation whereby they are denied that you can’t win their heart.

It’s not referred to scolding them but, when with her, how do you scold others if any situation occurs? If it’s pretty much bad, you are in danger, she will leave you in no time. They don’t condone harsh temperament because they are popularly known as the weakest beings on earth referring to braveness. This is why most funny boys find it easier to win the ladies heart.

Every girl loves to have a man who is social and not dangerous. Are you so harsh? you just have to consider this.

3. Always harsh and serious  

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Still refers to the second point above but not the same. When she cracks a joke, do you laugh? Do you smile when you see her? When you approach her, do you grin? How do you treat her friends? You may act so happy and not harsh to her but, how are you known to the public? In a situation when you are known as the serious one, 80% of the girls may reject you or deny you, attention.

Girls love boys who never act so harsh but this is secreted to many boys and that’s why many has fallen the victim of the unlucky ones. Be so gregarious and win a lot of hearts.

4. Playing around with your feelings 

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You just have to tell her your mind because she already knew how you felt but can never say a word. They will ever remain silent until you finally reveal to them what you actually want, remember, this deals with time. If you play around for a long time you are definitely going to lose them.

She is waiting for your proposal, stop playing kids, stand out bold and say what you want. It’s either she declines or accepts.

5. Bully girls Always

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The first day she never looked back when you called, did you bully her by saying some mockery words? Girls will never give you their attention fully in just a day and trust nature, they also know about you. If you always bully girls via social media platforms, you are falling a victim of the unlucky ones.

If she turns out your offer, don’t bully her because one day she will believe in you. It’s never achieved in one day.



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