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Joshboy ADL is a Nigerian singer and songwriter.

Birth name: Adegoke Adewale Joseph
Stage name: Joshboy ADL
Profession: Artist, Singer/songwriter
Genres: Afropop, Afrotrap, R&B
Years active: 2020-present
State: Oyo state
City: Ibadan
Place of birth: moniya Ibadan
Date of Birth: 21/10/1998
Age: 22
Local govt: Akinyele
Education status: Aponmode Moniya high school Ibadan (2009-2015)
Federal college of forestry Jericho Ibadan (present)

Early Life

I discover my music ability when I was in secondary school early 2012 tho I was very young and I don’t think I could utilize it and make it something big at that moment but oh well I sang music for fun and other entertaining activities I don’t even write down music before singing it but I know I still have a lot to learn, there’s a lot to be said in my journey to music which contains many difficulties, obstacles, challenges, and other circumstances.

I choose to step-up and start my career many years later which is 2019 even tho I have no active label but I feel it’s the high and right time to push myself, I drop my first single august 8, 2020 titled “Together and forever” and many more to come, I feel music is life and it’s in me I have to do it and make it versatile as much as I can and I pray God to help me with my music career journey.

Social media:

  • Instagram: @joshboyadl
  • Twitter: @joshboyadl
  • Facebook: @joshboyadl

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