Lil Wayne Explains Why He’s Nike Over Adidas

Weezy weighs in on Shaq, Michael Jackson, Nike & more.

Lil Wayne recently comes together with Barbados-based rum company Bumbu for a Q&A video series titled “The Bumbu Room,” where he was asked to weigh in on several topics including; Prince or Michael Jackson, Shaq or Tim Duncan, and which location gets the hottest women in the world.

Additionally, Weezy was asked to choose between Nike or Adidas.

His response (H/T Sole Collector):

“I’m rocking with Nike, I’ve been rocking with Nike since a kid,” Wayne says, as seen in the video embedded below. “Only because the check was a little harder to draw in class, when you was a kid. So I mean, if you’re about to draw some shoes and you draw some shoes with Three Stripes on them, that’s cool. And you know, that’s cool, the girls like that, that, ‘oh, he drew some shells [Superstars],’ but if you come back with that Nike, and you draw that Nike, that same girl is going to want you to draw that on her folder. The cover of her folder for class, that whole year.”

Watch the full clip below:

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