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Man narrates how he forgot his girlfriend moment he saw a damsel more prettier than her

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A man identified as Lavez of Manchester on Twitter has narrated how he forgot that he was already dating after spotting a pretty damsel.

The excited man labelled that it all started in a public bus where she met the young Lady. According to his claim, he disclosed that immediately he saw her, his passion fell for her and he became very interested in talking to her.

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He further vowed that he paid for her transport fare after a man nearly snatched her from him via how he opened up to her in the bus before him.

Announcing his bliss, he labelled that the young Lady later approached him in appreciation for paying her transport fare and further discovered that they lived in the same street while conversing.

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In his words, he narrated:

“So here I am in this bus from Costain to Ketu and there’s this fine girl who gets in and sits beside me.
It’s past 10pm, though I am tired from work but I felt I could strike a conversation with her at least. I plugged my EarPods in, trying to form engrossed for a while before”

“The bus moves and I proceed to strike a conversation. Not a lot of people got in, so the bus revved only for one dude to stop the bus and get in.
We were seated in the middle row and the back row was free but this dude decided to sit on our row and basically the girl was In between us.”

“Slowly the bus began to move and I continued to listen to music for a while.
In my mind I was giving her time to settle in. I had planned to pay for her fare so I could use that to at least start a conversation. I was deliberately oblivious of what was happening in the bus.”

“As I paused my music, brought out a 1k note and turn to pay the conductor both our fare, I saw the guy beside me give the conductor like 1k and said “take, for two, me and her”. My eyes thinned and I was like wtf!
“excuse me dude! I don’t freaking understand, who asked”

“you to pay for her? are you normal at all?!” I thought to myself as the conductor collected my 1k from outstretched hands and asked “for how many? I no get change o”. The guy and the girl were already talking and she was giggling at his conversation.
I knew immediately that I”

“had slacked the moment I decided to delay talking to her first.
She was so engrossed in talking to him and there was no way I could steal her attention now.
The fare was N300 and in a split second without thinking, I told the conductor,
“give him back his money, let the 1k be”

“for the three of us” and I plugged my EarPods back to let them be.
Now that caught their attention and before I knew it the guy tapped me and said “Thanks boss”. I acknowledged with a nod and continued with my phone. Seconds later she tapped me too and said “Thank you”.”

“Finally, I got her attention but eventually I felt I had overhyped it. Not that she was not beautiful, yes she was. She had a wonderful smile that shone in the dark, but he spoke to her first and it would be so ungentlemanly of me to hijack her halfway so I smiled and told her “you’re welcome”.

“I continued to press my phone and she also continued to talk to the guy.
I was to drop at Onipan though and as we got to my bus stop, I called to the conductor that I was getting down.
At least, I was to excuse myself from this loss and move on.
I moved past them to”

“to alight. I was still listening to music so literally everything at the moment was blocked, I just wanted to go home.
As I walked a little to turn inside the street of the police station that led to Somolu, I had not taken up to ten paces when I felt a tap from behind.”

“Goodness me was I surprised, it was the same girl from the bus.
I was confused as I stood and watched her. She was smiling and a car drove by with its light flashing on us and only then did i see the splendor and beauty of her body.
“omo tan” I said to myself.
“Hi, why did you”

“drop?” I asked her with a chortle.
“can we keep walking?” she replied. “it’s already late and I need to get to my apartment before it’s 11pm”.
“are you kidding me?” I asked, “you stay in this area?” I asked.
“yes I do” she replied and we kept conversing till I walked her to her”

“apartment gate.
As God would have it, my street is directly opposite hers. (perfect).
“what time do you leave for work?” I asked.
“6am, you?” she replied.
“6am too” I answered back.
“Let’s meet here by 6am tomorrow, is that fine by you?” I asked.
“if you’re late by a second, I am”

“gone” she responded with a giggle.
“i’ll be here by 5:55am” I replied her with a mild laugh as she opened her gate and entered. I felt this ease of satisfaction as I faced my street and began walking. I didn’t even ask for her name but I knew this was going to be the start of”

“something sweet and wild.
I chuckled as I remembered the guy in the bus who almost stole her from me. I planned I wasn’t going to mess this up. I was happy. As I got to my gate, I was smiling only for me to meet my girlfriend outside waiting for me and I had tummy ache instantly.”

“How could I have forgotten I had a girlfriend. We’ve been dating for just three days though. “hi baby, what took you so long?” she said as she hugged me and kissed me on the lips. “humm, traffic” I replied as we entered the compound and jammed the gate behind us.”

“Yeah so we met this morning by 6am.
Omo, e be things o, there was another plot twist I wasn’t expecting. Well I’ll update y’all by night nonetheless.”

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