Rema is said to have passed away on February 1, at 12:29 AM, according to the Wikipedia.

Stories began making rounds a few hours later that the “Lady” crooner Rema had resurrected from the dead, further confusing fans about what to believe in. Sean, Marvins manager, has dispelled rumors of this kind.

“Rema is hale and healthy! Pls it’s all false. What really happened was that some hacker hacked into his Wikipedia page, and changed his date of birth and then added a death date Feb 1 2020. But our digital officer has reversed it.“Death is not something one can hide! Some hackers got access to his official account and spread the rumor. He is hale and healthy, he is fine. We don’t want to blow this out of proportion” He Said.

However, reports claimed the error was on the part of one of the writers of the platform who made the error while updating the profile of the singer.

Since then, the error has been rectified with the singer being the most searched in the last 10 hours after the blunder.

The below screenshot is from Wikipedia, the World online encyclopedia web site.