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The Mystery Of The Female Desired Qualities In Men_ Check Some Hidden Facts


The nature of the female agenda has been the most mystic aspect of life. They are beautiful, they are the gift to mankind but generally, they are the most toughest being to understand.

Look up the air, grin, have a deep breath and relax, it’s about getting real. We have gathered multiple pieces of knowledge from our exploration and examinations via the prodigy of the female gender. It’s time to understand this gender.


Women would stick very deep to your arms for years. It vulnerably looks very impossible to lay trust in the above statement, yes, from commends it seems impossible but they can even stick with you forever in penury.

You would probably consider getting a girl who would happily stick with you in penury as an impossible task, but this is clearly easy and possible if you acquire their favourite qualities.

80% of the world’s female genders don’t precisely value money over their favourite qualities in men which will be discussed below. However, from our various experiences with women, we would stand out and profess:

“Of course, ladies value money over anything, they love it, they die with it, they get used because of it, they succumb to its trash”

There shouldn’t be a single choice why you should flaunt this belief anymore. The female gender can be convinced if you possess these qualities.

What are the so-called female desired qualities in men? 


These qualities can be thousands or less. Have you once wondered why most men are called the girl’s favourite, despite not affluent? Ladies aspires to be their woman. This is because they have these extraordinary qualities which have hit the ladies’ weak points.

These qualities are the qualities that may be professed as an act or a temperament most men possess that has the potential to capture the female gender’s weaknesses.

If you muse to know these qualities check out below;

You may doubt this claim but in reality, Ladies only portray temporal love on money, they don’t always deploy genuine love on money because it’s just an interest.

The mystery of the female desired qualities in men_ Check some hidden facts.



The natural aptitude or skill has in several years captured the weak point of the ladies, unlike money. It has been the dominant stake over money and it’s here to stay.

Talented people would make your girl scream out of excitement and discrete their arms from yours just to take some selfies with them.

The female genders value talent more than money if it’s at its peak. When Wizkid and Burna Boy were suffering in penury, the female genders were never a task to them because they had thousands who craved to be in their arms as besties or girlfriends as well.

This was thrust by the power of talents over the female genders. Do you have a talent? Are you at your peak? If yes, then women must be craving to be your spouse.

The high rate of Hygiene 


Women tend to succumb to the act of developing some mysterious feelings for men who keep a high rate of hygiene. From our exploration and experiences so far, women love men who keep their hygiene pretty much healthy because they would always get attracted to beauty amidst their choices.

In this circumstance, many men believe that Ladies get attracted to handsome boys only but it’s clearly not portrayed as we believe. If you are an ugly dude, abide by the rules of the high rate of hygiene and pretty ladies will be in lines seeking your attention even if you don’t have money.

These are some key ways to acquire a high rate of hygiene; 

• Take good care of your dental. Your teeth should be sparkling white. Most girls fall into these qualities.

• Your clothes should be clean consistently. The female genders hate bad odours just like the opposite genders do.

• Your pubic areas should be free from microorganisms to avoid disgusting pubic odour. The female agenda don’t flaunt this as their favouritism. Via pubic irritations, if you suffer this, ladies will not get close to you if you don’t have money.

• Enrol in a constant haircut. This will restrain you from looking haggard. The ladies hate people who always appear haggard.

• Whether you are handsome or ugly, your skin should be glowing. Glowing skin attracts the ladies.

• Avoid smoking and get enough kip to keep healthy eyes. It should be sparkling. Gleaming eyes are one of the qualities in men that attract ladies.

Purpose and Ambition


Do you have a purpose as a man? Do you strive for your dreams? are you busy? Are you hardworking? These qualities can attract multiple responsible ladies to you whether you are handsome or not.

Naturally, before a lady could listen to your craves and intentions, she would examine if you have a purpose. Sometimes, they would say it out and profess their feeling as follows;

“Yes, what’s your purpose because I wouldn’t want to date a man without purpose or ambition”

Many men have experienced the above confrontation and question from ladies and this in reality has proven how the female genders fall to men who are bounded with purposes and ambition.

As a man, you don’t have to lose hope if you don’t have a purpose because you can still carve out thousands of purposes. Relax and ponder out where your passion is focused on, peak it, build it and strive for it all day.



This is one of the greatest qualities the female genders fall very quickly to and it has been proven as the easiest quality to possess as a man.

The female genders of the 21st century have developed a rigid passion for bodybuilders. This has also established bodybuilding as one of the most practised act of the early century following the aspiration men has developed over the female genders as they strive to please them.

If you are a man that aspires to be named the ladies favourite despite not being recognised as a celebrity or a billionaire, build your muscles. Visit professionals and acquire the desired tutor needed to reshape your figure type to the sexiest.

Here are some approved body exercises you can practice at home so as to emerge to your desired figure type. 

Sit up

According to Wikipedia, the sit-up is an abdominal endurance training exercise to strengthen, tighten and tone the abdominal muscles. It is similar to a crunch, but sit-ups have a fuller range of motion and condition additional muscles.

Push up

Just as Wikipedia scripted, a push-up is a common callisthenics exercise beginning from the prone position. By raising and lowering the body using the arms, push-ups exercise the pectoral muscles, triceps, and anterior deltoids, with ancillary benefits to the rest of the deltoids, serratus anterior, coracobrachialis and the midsection as a whole.


From Wikipedia, Jogging is a form of trotting or running at a slow or leisurely pace. The main intention is to increase physical fitness with less stress on the body than from faster running but more than walking, or to maintain a steady speed for longer periods.


According to Wikipedia, A squat is a strength exercise in which the trainee lowers their hips from a standing position and then stands back up. During the descent of a squat, the hip and knee joints flex while the ankle joint dorsiflexes; conversely the hip and knee joints extend and the ankle joint plantarflexes when standing up.


As explained by Wikipedia, the plank is an isometric core strength exercise that involves maintaining a position similar to a push-up for the maximum possible time.



This is one of the most common qualities the female genders fall to and from experiences we have confirmed that women care about temperaments.

Women are always eager to examine their wassailer’s character before they could succumb to the feelings her bread maker tries to instil in them. This is one of the major reasons girls’ favouritism of men is specific.

They want you to be caring, they want you to understand their worth and value it. Most men don’t care about their manner of approach towards the women they love and this has ruined multiple relationships. Don’t hit your woman, you just have to understand the nature of their weaknesses and value them.

Try to understand and adapt to her temperaments. Don’t seek for perfect because no woman is perfect; she must have her weaknesses and this has named them the female they are. Be the good man every girl would dream to have as her partner by moulding your temperaments_ let it be positive.

Be specific and selective 


It clearly thrills when you value every woman but it’s impossible to announce you as the real man when you don’t have a choice over the type of girl you want.

This has denied so many men the opposite gender attention and has ruined multiple relationships. You should have the type of girl you love so as not to fall victim to womanizing.

The hidden fact about this is that the female genders are extremely brilliant when they want to examine a man but sometimes, we may not know anything about this because they do it secretly. If you are a womanizer, the woman you really tend to tie the knot with, in no doubt, knows that you have got that quality.

They don’t always love those types of men because they believe they don’t know what they want. Be a man of choice, don’t fall to every woman you see and the ladies will be in lines striving to win your heart even if you are not well-to-do.

Confidence and braveness 


This is one of the greatest qualities in men that weakens the female gender’s nostalgia-holding capacity. They always fall for brave and confident men.

This is because, every woman would want their man to be their game-winner, life changer, protector and provider. This can only be validated by a man who is confident and brave.

They also want the type of man whom they can stand out boldly in times of trauma and say:

“Yes, I have a man, I will tell him about this. He will solve it, I am pretty much sure about that” 

Weak men in reality find it so complicated to handle and withstand a lady. When we refer to a weak courter, from commends so far, they are the most awful toasters because they keep flinging their feelings around their shoulders in the most important moment. This is because they are not brave.

Ladies often know who is in love with them and have explored in her thought whether she could fit in with your feelings and concluded her decision even before you poured out your feelings. They are just waiting for you to say your mind. In a situation whereby you are not bold enough to spit out your feeling, you shall never get serious with her even if you are close to her or spend time with her every single day.

Build your confidence and emerge to braveness.

The danger of Effeminacy


Effeminacy is an act whereby a man attains the qualities and characteristics of the feminine. They often behave almost 80% like the opposite gender, females.

Although you may have fallen to this and attained the characteristics of the feminine, they will not like you, they will hate you. Responsible ladies often hate men who behave like the female gender because they believe you are not qualified enough to face your responsibilities as a man with such disgusting qualities although it’s the same as theirs.

Effeminacy is also a symbol of homosexuality. In recent research and experiences, 90% of the female genders hate men who are gays. If you enrol in effeminacy, you are convincing 80% of the female genders that you are gay and trust this article, they won’t value you as a man.

Avoid Effeminacy and watch how girls will value and respect you even if you are not rich.

The power in a funny man 


There are some secret qualities in funny men which attract multiple female interests in them you don’t know.

This is because the world Citizens seek happiness amidst the scars and flaws of the earth which has dilated tremendous joy from people. These are even more active in the feminines because they seek happiness. In a situation whereby a man is engulfed with hilarious qualities, he would be pretty much selective with women because they will be in lines seeking his attention.

However, this point doesn’t promote the sense that you should use the medium to ruin your worth as a man. Don’t be stupid while playing your hilarious qualities. You should know when to joke so as not to lose your dignity.

From the root, just those moments in your secondary school era, of course, you know funny men were the ladies’ favourite. This in turn has not changed. Ladies love funny men who are not stupid because they love happiness and joy.

Your sexual ability 


Yeah, it’s clearly disgusting and hilarious to say that if you are not good in bed no woman would like to stick with you if you are not rich. Despite their natural hate over sexual abilities as they fight passionately for feminism, they are also passionate about their satisfaction just like men.

You may ponder why many relationships which flowed buoyantly from the start ended up precipitously for no reason as it’s always labelled. No relationship ended up with no justification. There must be some weaknesses which ruined the affairs. 70% of these weaknesses are men’s poor sexual capability and abilities. Ladies are addicted to satisfaction and this is likely natural.

Build your sexual capabilities and keep the dignity of your manhood. If you aspire to know how to keep your sexual capability rigid and healthy, check the tips below.

Eat more fruits and vegetables 

Fruits and vegetables like Banana, onion, garlic, and chillies are good for infusing your sexual capabilities, take more of them.

Drink a lot of water

When you consume enough water daily, you build your orgasm capabilities and this also helps in improving your sexual abilities. Consume at least 7 litres of water daily.

Abstain from smoking and drinking alcohol

Smoking and the excessive consumption of alcohol would drain your sexual hormones, thereby reducing the duration of your bed performance.

Abstain from all these activities and infuse your sexual abilities so to be on the list via the status of the able men or the girl’s favourite.

Speak when you have something important to say


This does not only earn respect for a man via the feminine status but rather, earns environmental and global respect.

The ladies value and respect men who don’t behave childishly or act childlike. You don’t have to portray low-class temperaments in circumstances. This, in turn, pisses many girls off as they view such kinds of men as foolish.

You would have to prove that you have surpassed the underage of childhood and behave responsibly like a man who is ready to face his challenges. Behaving childishly is a sign that you are a weak man and won’t be able to take full charge of your responsibilities. Ladies don’t value this kind of man.

How do I know if I behave childishly?

Many people would stand out boldly to say:

“Yes I am all grown up, I can handle my responsibilities and I’d never behaved like a child since I turned 18”

But still, at the age of 25, they are viewed as the child of the house via how they react to circumstances. If you aspire to know if you are one of them, check the points below.

They are never ready to grab their opportunities

This set of people would decline every opportunity that surfaced via their grinds because they have been engulfed with the instinct that there’s time for everything. They are never bold to take their responsibilities via their grinds.

They are weak in their new challenges

They would always crave help when the challenges which are meant for their peak emerges into reality. This is because children don’t have enough confidence to face their challenges and this set of people have got the qualities of the children.

They can’t utter solutions to their problem

Just like the children, this set of people can never utter a reasonable or sensible solution to their problem or a public trauma when needed. They do think and act like children.

They cannot plan ahead

All they ponder are the ways to get someone who would take care of their responsibilities so far they can’t plan ahead. They are limited with their aspiration and are never ambitious. Even if they are, they can’t strive for that.

Be the man and discreet awful qualities to fit in the hierarchy of the real men.



This facet is one of the most difficult qualities men do crave to possess because a generous man would always have enough ladies who crush on them and views them as the real men.

It’s pretty much hard to keep up with the act of generosity because it involves money. Yes, not every guy is wealthy but girls value guys who can give out from the little they have. You must not be wealthy before you can be professed generous.

When she bumps into your DM and craves some money, don’t be harsh over her aspiration, accept it and humbly reveal to her how much you can afford. If you can’t afford any amount, also reveal it to her via your grind.

Generosity has been a key to the opposite gender’s weaknesses and there’s no doubt about that.

Don’t bully girls 


It may not be a physical act or brutality but even the slightest act of bullying to this gender would pull down your dignity in the sight of the opposite gender, the feminine.

If you are a rude type who assaults or harasses women, they will definitely keep a secure distance from you because a lady wouldn’t love to be bullied or harassed in any aspect.

They value men who understand the value of women on the earth. Men who will always profess the prestige of their gender. In a situation whereby you don’t value them. They will not value you.



If your schedules have drained your leisure times, don’t seek a girl’s love because even if it turns out to be a success, the bond may clash.

Women value attention and this has been the reason most relationships clashed because almost 80% of men are scrambled and tied to their multiple schedules which have drained their leisure time. If you wish to keep her, fish out time from your schedules and make her feel special and wanted.

Respect feminism 


Feminism is the advocacy of female rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes.

Women often give their all in this area and for you to gain their love, you would have to respect feminism and abstain from intimidating the nature of it.

Women also want respect just like men are respected via the world status. They also need equality just like the animals in their various habitat.

The nature of feminism has been the reason most men are viewed as the girl’s nuisance because these men always view the ladies as mediocre via their beliefs. From experiences, this type of men can’t keep a woman for a long time. They don’t value them, they don’t care about their worth rather, they only value their advantages in them such as sexual activities and reproduction.

As a man, you would have to succumb to the notion that women are of the same hierarchy as men despite that they are staked under the control of men. They are also human beings and should be respected. Value and respect feminism.



Understanding is the source of every rigid relationship. You have flaws, she has weaknesses. You should be a man who has succumbed to the notion that no one is perfect and build your woman the way you want her to be.

Read the weaknesses of your woman and adapt to the ability of endurance. This will keep her and you will be professed the real man.

Ladies often love men who understand the nature of every circumstance. You just have to understand situations.

Concluding this article will also be a belief to we explorers that you have possessed these qualities as a man. The female gender will definitely crush on you.

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