Viral man who inked his whole body has reportedly removed his upper lip and nose_ threatens for more adventures

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Anthony who is a France citizen has proven that sometimes human being can be pretty much mystic amidst their adventures and temperaments.

Having acquired the first shock which astonished the whole world by inking his whole body including his eyes, he has acquired the second choice of his lifestyle, this time, had his upper lip and nose chopped off as he muses to look like an Alein.

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On several occasion, citizens and interviewers have craved to know if he regrets his new lifestyle and statue following his old picture which surpassed online_ he was pretty vastly handsome before his crazy inking. From his utterances, we recorded that he is satisfied with his lifestyle as he verges to acquire new transformation.

Citizens sometimes pierce their skin or acquire minor inking for beauty or pleasure but to the French star, he never gained passion in acquiring them in less quantity. He has so far announced his new plan as the world stream him scornfully. According to him, he announced that he wants his skin removed and replaced by metal. He also announced his crave to acquire new neck as it trends.

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In his words, he said.

“Now I can walk with my head up high, thank you am proud of what we did together”

Despite his crazy lifestyle, Anthony has up to 22,34 thousand Instagram followers. What is your view on this?



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