These 5 Habits Will Reduce The Size Of Your Manhood, Abstain From Them


Every man aspires to attain and maintain a healthy sexual status but sometimes the actions we portray demean and destroy the sexual ability of mankind.

This is even precarious for most of the victims are denied the knowledge of the disastrous effects of these actions. They practice them all day and have their manhood reduced in size thrusting possible domestic violence between couples or unhealthy sexual abilities.


It looks extremely heart barring to every single Lady if you are embossed with the qualities that transcribe unhealthy sexual status as a man for they are highly pissed at that. This is why we have explored and fished out these actions that demean and reduce the size of the penïs if not abstained from.

Men genital organ is allergic to disturbance and would result in enormous numbers of trauma if not cared for. This has resulted in several cases of sexual dysfunction, infections, weak erection, and low sperm count.  Thrill to the knowledge below;

These 5 Habits Will Reduce The Size Of Your Manhood, Abstain From Them.

Excessive Masturbation


Masturbation according to the medical team is quite safe and healthy. It could satisfy one’s sexual urge and precludes sexually transmitted diseases (STD) but is still not declared save for its victim’s genital organ if practised excessively.

It reduces the size of the Penis if condoned repeatedly and has left many in pondering and regrets trying to figure out the sudden change around their genitals.

There’s no need to evaluate the reality. Over masturbation shrinks and reduces the size of the Penïs because, during ejaculation, the body discharges testosterone to counter the orgasm experience. If this persists, the body will be unable to restock causing the penïs to experience complications. Abstain from excessive masturbation.



As it is always warned and announced by the health sector, alcoholism is extremely precarious to men genital size and health.

This is because alcoholism can drain your sexual urge and mould your ability to attain unsatisfied pleasures during sexual intercourse.

It can also cause erectile dysfunction following how it restrains the healthy blood flow to the Penïs. Even if you get an erection, the possibilities of satisfying your woman are zero. In the same perspective, it can also cause weak orgasm_ you don’t enjoy sex with your partner. Sober men enjoy sexual intercourse more than Intoxicated ones.

These reactions often weaken the Penïs causing it to shrink and reduce in size.

Smoking and hard drug consumption 



Of course, it’s no surprise how this point made the headline. Smoking and hard drug consumption are dangerous to men’s genital organs.

The chemicals from most Cigarettes we consume are highly cruel to the extent that they destroy the blood vessel in the penïs thrusting the restriction of the blood flow.  Even if the nervous system transmits impulses for a possible erection the penïs will fail to respond to such because the pinnacle of erection is blood flow.

This also implies hard drug consumption but is a little bit different. Hard drugs can drain the penïs size by diverting the blood flow and restricting the Spinal Cord reflexes. This reduces the size and its ability.

Lack of erection


Erection is the key base of Penïs enlargement. The size of the Penïs reduces if it fails to erect for a long time.

It’s known naturally that a healthy man experiences natural erections in the morning and night on daily basis but it will be healthier if you try and get erection 3 times daily. Note: ejaculation shouldn’t be pardoned.

Excessive consumption of sugary food


Excessive intake of sugary foods also shrinks the size of the penïs if condoned repeatedly.

Sugar creates Latin resistance in the body which leads to a decrease in sex urge. They also drain testosterone in men limiting the natural existence of orgasm.

A man who consumes a lot of sugar experiences fatigue and a weak erection. They don’t satisfy their woman. These actions also shrink the size of the penïs because it’s troubled.


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