Top 20 richest musicians in Nigeria and their net worth (Forbes) (2021)

Richest Musicians In Nigeria

With no doubt, we all know music can fetch huge amounts of money. There are tremendous and secrete music artists in Nigeria who have gone very deep with wealth which most of the listeners explicitly knew nothing about. Many of them are extremely rich but don’t like to show off their net worth.

If you are in contempt to know their net worth, this is the perfect detail about their net worth in the hierarchy. Who are the top 20 richest musicians in Nigeria?

Below are the top richest musician in Nigerian and their net worth according to Forbes.

Davido – Net Worth: $24

Davido. Photo Instagram

Being independent and achieving fame despite the wealth of his father, he proved the need to stay independent. The favorite ever sounds from his debut album ‘Omo Baba Olowo’ marked the beginning of his wealth.

Davido has been living wealthy from childhood but instead of depending on his father’s wealth, he infused his, living very large now.

He is also a brand ambassador and a boss who had lightened up the talents of great present artists like Mayorkun, Perruzzi, and others

Davido net worth is estimated at $24 million making him a great lover of expensive jewelry and shelters, since the date he had been breaking records with his expensive purchases.

Wizkid – Net Worth: $20 million


Adeji Ibrahim Balogun Ibrahim popularly known as Wizkid or star boy will always remain an inspiration for hustlers having his start with a poor root and ended up appearing as one of the richest musicians in Nigeria.

There shouldn’t be research or analysis upon the source of his sudden huge wealth because his great hits are a satisfying thriller to the ears of many people around the whole globe. After the release of his second album, his net worth had been infusing with great capacity.

Wizkid’s net worth of 2021 is estimated at $20 million. Having won copious awards and earned many ambassadorial contracts, his currency is still counting.

Don Jazzy – Net Worth: $17 million

Don Jazzy

Judging from his gregarious and loyal temperament one could underestimate his possible hierarchy or wealth but he is the boss.

Micheal Collins Ajereh better known as Don Jazzy had proved his qualities around the globe with his music production capability which earned him a huge amount of money.

The CEO of Mavin Records had been earning his wealth amid his great contributions in search and establishment of special talents undiscovered in the streets. Having created stars like Rema, Korede Bello, and Reekado Banks.

Don Jazzy has an estimated net worth of $17 million. He had been a secrete billionaire who hates pride. This is why many are astonished by his net worth.

2Baba (2Face) – Net Worth:  $16 million


One of the elders of Nigerian Afro-pop popularly known as 2Face or 2Baba had been an image of grace having added a lot of songs to his name and is still boosting.

His dynamism on hardworking had earned him a lot of contracts and respect from the citizens. His song ‘African Queen‘ boosted his finance after being recognized by the world.

There are great geniuses about him who is being the only music artist from the plantation boys who survived their departure with his quality songs.

2Baba’s net worth is about $16 million making him one of the eldest richest Nigerian music Afro-pop Artiste. He recently donated a whopping amount of 10 million nairas for the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic in Nigeria.

Olamide – Net Worth: $12 million

Olamide 1

The legendary street Afrobeat sensation who paved way for crazy style artists like Zlatan and Naira Marley is a great icon to the Nigerian music industry, having released many rap quality songs.

His passion for music and efforts earned him double contracts after discovering his own label YBNL where he created artists like Lil Kesh who boosted the fame partially.

He had been among the richest Nigerian music artists to date.  Olamide’s net worth is estimated at $12 million and It’s a thing of appreciation.

Phyno – Net Worth: $11 million

Phyno 1 1

The street great rapper had contributed a lot to the rapping field in Nigerian music firm having released many rap songs and even albums. Starting up from a tiny concert following the steps of Mr Raw and Slow Dog. Going to many shows just to gain a firm. It’s a satisfying bliss that he achieved much, not little but huge. He is one of the richest Igbo rappers in the Nigerian music industry who has earned many results and achievements.

The phenomenon of his sharp and legit rapping style and a simple lyrics version of Igbo had been a pride to the east part of Nigeria and even the whole nation.

It’s an honor that he has gone so far as to create a great legacy alongside Olamide his friend. Phyno net worth is about $11 million which had earned him many flashy cars and luxurious houses.

Peter and Paul Okoye – Net Worth: $10 million each

peter and paul of defunct p square battle for supremacy 4

The great twin brothers poorly known by the name Peter and Paul Okoye had been of the major pinnacle of Nigerian music firm buoyancy, shocked the world with their efforts and newly added qualities almost in every album they release.

Starting from the root, they kept striving hard until they came up with success and boosted to the top hierarchy. There were many deals and sales which earned them great wealth.

They kept boosting their hierarchy with huge positive energy, topping charts for years until a complication of brotherhood occurred for the fourth time. They clashed and departed to various individuals. In the beginning, their fan base never found it satisfying and vanished, they had to create a new fan base separately, this affected their net worth and they paved way for other artists who topped them.

It was much much grimy, people who hoped reconciliation never found it between them. Despite the loss of their fanbase they never reconciled and further released hit songs separately which thrilled many. Peter and Paul Okoye have an estimated net worth of $20 million but their separation resulted in the Split of it, placing them with a net worth of $10 each. They are both boosting separately but not as it is in the past.

Timaya – Net Worth: $10 million

Timaya e1509986993403 1

The great star who broke house rules and sneaked out of the house at his teenage age just to do what he loves doing will ever remain thankful for his success so far. Having released many songs he has been shaking the body of the listeners with his rhythms

Inetimi Timaya as a teenager, sang in many churches and minor shows before releasing his first album which gave him fame, since then his net worth had been tremendous. Timaya’s net worth is estimated at $10 million currently. He is a great ambassador who introduced Patoranking to the world.

He is also among the top music artist in Nigeria who had been boosting from the start till the present date.

Flavour – Net Worth:  $9.5 million


The ghetto son of Enugu state had been a great image to the Nigerian music firm has added a lot of effort since years back. After Timaya and others, he had been the father of the Nigerian music industry who started the struggle in the beginning.

He has been thankful for having achieved many good profits counting from his hit album ‘N’abania‘ which earned him great recognition in the whole Igbo tribe. He was honored as the Ijele of Igbo land paying him great respect for his efforts so far. Flavour has an estimated net worth of $9.5 million.

He is well known for inviting high Life rhythms to his rhythms just like Burna Boy does to Fela rhythms sometimes. This had given his songs satisfying qualities.

Banky W – Net Worth: $9 million

Banky W 1

He is also one of the great Nigerian musicians who doesn’t like displaying his wealth as pride as most Nigerian music artists do. His passion for professing love in his songs has earned him great contracts, houses, and cars like other fellow music artists in Nigeria.

He rained in few past years when he was seen as one of the top African music artists, he proved his qualities, releasing great songs which are still played in the speakers of various homes not only in Nigeria but Africa as a whole. Banky W’s net worth is estimated at $9 million.

He will always be remembered, for his great effort in showing the great star Wizkid who is boosting higher in the music firm presently, to the world.

Tiwa Savage – Net Worth: $4.85 million

Tiwa Savage


The self-acclaimed ‘African Bad Girl’ Tiwa Savage who always thrills the whole citizens with her great vocal had been one of the secret Nigerian music billionaires who ranks as one of the top female music Artiste in Nigeria. Her great hits from ‘Eminado‘ featuring Don Jazzy and many more she had released so far had boosted her finance.

Despite her viral collaboration with Wizkid who is currently in a confusing relationship with her, she had been a symbol of steadiness, dashing out great hits for fans.

Tiwa Savage’s net worth is estimated at $4.85 million making her the richest female musician in Nigeria.

Yemi Alade – Net Worth: $4.2 million

Yemi Alade

The great queen of Nigerian Afro Nation has never stayed the same financially after the release of her hit song ‘Johnny‘ featuring Sele Bobo. Her great phenomena of describing love story in her songs had soured her very higher in hierarchy referring to Nigerian female music artists.

After the release of Johnny, Kissing, Bum Bum, and Oh My Gosh,  she earned many contracts and deals around the globe which gave her world recognition too. Her present collaboration with the Grammy award winner Angelique Kidjo is also a sign of great qualities in her. She is one of the Nigerian Youtube boosters, having about 1.28 million subscribers.

Yemi Alade’s net worth is about $4.2 million which had earned her cars and a house.

M.I Abaga – Net Worth: $3.9 million

M.I Abaga

The great Nigerian rapper had been putting a lot of effort alongside Phyno and other top Nigerian rappers to make sure there are dynamism and souring of the Nigerian Music industry. His rapping skills had proved his qualities convincing Nigerians of how far the industry had gone. He is recognized internationally in some countries among the top stars.

He has involved in many rapping competition-winning some of them. He had collaborated with many artists, involving in a lot of shows and contracts which earned him wealth. He is one of the richest rappers in Nigeria and has earned a lot of cars too.

M.I Abaga net worth is estimated at $3.9 placing him on the list among all.

Burna Boy – Net Worth: $3.5 million

Burna Boy Parallax

The popular giant of Africa who rose very rapidly to fame recently shocked the world with his energy and qualities, providing satisfying hits which even thrilled other countries had been grateful, having experienced his achievement so far.

The Dutchman became extremely popular when he released his second album which won him many awards even the least popular nominee of Grammy awards for the best album of the year.

All this had been boosting his finance counting from shows, ambassadorial deals, and other contracts he had achieved. His new trending single ‘Odogwu‘ is ever a great hit to enjoy.

Burna Boy’s net worth is about 3.5 million which has acquired his many cars and house. He is known for his great constant love for his mother.

Kizz Daniel – Net Worth: $3 million

Kizz Daniel

When he started, no one believed he would reach this level, his tender age never allowed people’s confidence to stick to him but when he collaborated with Tiwa Savage and Davido on the hit ‘Wojuo‘ everyone knew he is of great qualities. His songs have been great rhythms worth nodding to in appreciation and pleasure for he is a beast in afro vibes.

He has been trending up till 5 years now, this had earned him huge wealth, appearing as one of the richest musicians in Nigeria. He has houses and flashy cars which he shows off mostly, weekly on his Instagram account.

Kizz Daniel has an estimated net worth of $3 million so far creating respect for his name despite his age.

Tekno – Net Worth: $2.5 million

tekno 651x598 1

The solo guy behind one of the greatest Afro hit ever ‘Duro’ had been an image of grace and qualities referring to his dance songs counting from ‘Duro‘, ‘Pana‘, ‘Rara‘, and ‘Yawa‘. Has earned his wealth so far.

After selling a whopping amount of his songs worldwide years back, he earned great wealth and contracts introducing him to the aristocracy, making him one of the richest musicians in Nigeria.

Tekno’s net worth is about $2.5 as his present net worth. It’s an honor for he made it within 5 years.

D’banj – Net Worth: $2 million


He is always respected for his long trend and efforts he has contributed to the present buoyancy of the Nigerian music industry so far, having released a hit jam titled ‘Scapegoat’ which is still played on radios and other platforms. He is popularly known for his crazy stage performances.

Starting up with the present boss Don jazzy, he should always be honored for he gained fame when everything was just struggling. Still, he boosts out great songs that thrill the listeners despite his long stay in the industry.

D’banj net worth is estimated at $2 million. He has luxurious houses and flashy cars, living separately with his wife and children.

Teni – Net Worth: $2 million


The trending female vocalist popularly known as Teni is still a shock to many Nigerians with his mystic sudden fame. Others strive about 6 years before gaining fame but she gained her’s within 2 years, it’s a surprise and also an honor. Her vocal is extremely great as she won the best vocalist at the Headies awards recently with her single ‘Uyo Meyo’.

The brave girl rose to fame when she released her debut single titled case which thrilled the whole Nigerians and even some nearby African countries. This also boosted her finance having enrolled in many top shows she became extremely wealthy.

Teni’s current net worth is about $2 million which had earned her great recognition.

Duncan Mighty – Net Worth: $1.8 million

Duncan Mighty

The popular Port Harcourt first son had been one of the images of the Nigerian music firm. His sounds had been flowing around the nation for ten years back, this should be a great honor. He is always thankful for his satisfying grace of wealth since the day he gained fame for it has been a dynamic and souring flow, many others had faded off but he is still boosting.

His collaboration with Tiwa savage and many other trending stars shows he still got the qualities despite raining for many years. He is a star who loves luxuries, having a lot of flashy cars and houses.

According to Forbes, Duncan Mighty’s net worth is estimated at $1.8 which placed him as one of the list richest musicians in Nigeria.

Patoranking – Net Worth: $1 million


Patrick Nnaemeka Okorie popularly known by his stage name Patoranking had been an image of grace and hard work with his great effort in contributing to the buoyancy of the Nigerian music firm. Having dropped a lot of hit sounds which boost from various home speakers even now.

Patoranking who was born on 27 May 1990 is a dance hall songwriter and singer whose passion for music began so early when he signed his first Record deal with k_solo Igberaga Records and released his first single named up in the club. He got recognized and was signed to Dem Mama Records where he released Alubarika with the CEO Timaya. Since then his life changed entirely having won many awards so far. Patoranking net worth is about $1 million as of 2020.

His efforts in assisting children with their education had been a gift to remember. The Dutchman is currently in love with his new girlfriend.

Having experienced these great stars and their net worth it Should be an inspiration to you not to stop working so hard for they were once a beginner and had no fame. You could also vividly know their current net worths.

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