Health Tips: 10 Natural Remedies To Get Rid Of Pimples In 5 Days

Looking up to the mirror, you feel so sad because you have done many remedies so to get rid of your skin irritations but it all mockery. It’s not the time for mockery, some natural remedies clear such without involving surgery or bleaching, stop bleaching or undergo surgery for it’s dangerous to our health.

Pimple is caused by the combination of dirt and oil. One can now know exactly what causes it.

Below are the ten remedies to get rid of a pimple.

1. Observe or verify your face always

Our face needs constant verification so to know how active irritations form on it every day. When you verify you could be able to know the rate they form every day and note them. There are indeed a lot of schedules but you will have to create some time for this and verify your face.

2. Avoid junk and oil foods

As stated earlier, pimples are caused by the combination of oil and dirt, when the body consumes a lot of oil, especially from fried foods like plantain chin chin and so on. The oil present in the foods would combine with the dirt and germs present on your skin and causes pimple. Abstain from foods like chocolate, fried foods, fried groundnut, etc.

3. Take constant bathing

Germs or dirt are always present on human skin. for one to stay refreshed there must be rampant good nutrition and high hygiene. Dirt finds it easy to combine with oil if one doesn’t bath. Take your bath at least three times a day.

4. Wash your face with hot water

79% of germs can be washed away by hot water, this is why many have been testifying of the wonders of application hot water on the affected area. Boil water and allow it to reach to it boiling state. Get a clean towel, sip it inside and allow it to soak gently, get it out and apply, three times a day. Note; one should be so careful with it, you will have to soak it just small so to avoid injury.

5. Apply your cream

During the application of hot water, dehydration due occurs so it won’t be so good for our skin if left not moistened. A well-prescribed cream helps in nourishing the skin of the desired oil that would help keep it moist. Get your cream and apply. Note: bleaching cream is highly prohibited.

6. Avoid bleaching cream

Many fall this victim, for 89% are mostly convinced of getting rid of pimples with the application of bleaching cream for they think it would wipe them away. This remedy is so dangerous for it would soften your skin very copious which promotes pimples and dark spots. Avoid bleaching creams rather than go for your prescribed creams.

7. Drink a lot of water

Water is the basic nutrient components that help in all body metabolism and homeostasis, it won’t be so efficient if the body is lacking water. Water dilutes excessive oil in the body. Drink at least 6ltre of water every day and stay refreshed.

8. Eat a lot of watery fruits

The same applies to water, watery fruits like orange, watermelon, apple, Pineapple, etc are capable of nourishing the skin and providing the body with vitamins. Get a lot of fruits and consume them.

9. Apply menthol cream or powder on the affected area

Menthols are capable of destroying skin germs which causes pimple when this is lessened you would stand a chance to get rid of it completely. Note: it must be applied after bathing.

10. Don’t burst it and apply toothpaste on the stubborn ones

This is the main source of dark spot, in the process of bursting it you would tear the skin and that brings dark spots. It’s not prescribed to burst it rather apply toothpaste, toothpaste contains ingredients that cool and soften the affected area and make it easier to burst.


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