Serial Killer, John Wayne Gacy: A monster and nightmare to young men

Fall briefly through the life of a man who developed a bizarre taste in hunting young men and boys

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The toll of life is precious but some in a way found a taste in wrecking lives. This with no doubt, swerved to the grand of one of the American most dangerous personnel identified as John Wayne Gacy.

The American-born Serial killer found taste in young men having to prey on them torturing, raping and sexually draining them to death.

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In the history of America, they have quite experienced a convincing number of men who breached dimensions to redress human rights but in the grand of John Wayne Gacy, he was quite different amid the view of his veneer ability he deployed on his victims and getting away with it for long.

In this article, we will outline the unforgettable horror of a man who found a taste in terrorising young men.

Early Life


John Wayne Gacy’s first crime photoshoot

Relating to the theory of most Serial Killers, John Wayne Gacy’s childhood was rough following how his strict father engulfed him with experiences that embossed him to the phase he couldn’t control.

He was born on 17th March 1942 in Edgewater Hospital in Chicago, Illinois where he grew up alongside his siblings who were all females.

Gacy’s father’s reputation with his family was quite brutal and abusive. This was linked to his alcoholism and the World War II scars as he was inducted as a veteran.

As a mechanic and a Catholic, he had always wanted to indoctrinate his son, Gacy into becoming a better version of him but Gacy’s sluggishness and academic impact disappointed his expectations thrusting him to always abuse him and pushing him into reshaping to become a monster.

Séxual harassment also played a huge role in Gacy’s precarious indoctrination. His uncle and friend molested him more often in his childhood to the extent that he grew up with it and never said anything about it.

Going through this phase of life, Gacy ventured into politics after he had failed in several vocations where he attained a prosperous status and began his operation in his ranch-style house.



John Wayne Gacy posing with his Clown custom

John Wayne Gacy in his adulthood after finally attaining freedom from his strict father haunted young men and boys with a mysterious rare intention to satisfy his creepy urge.

He loved to see a young man or boy die slowly as he confessed in one of his crucial interviews as of the time of his trials.

He preyed on enormous numbers of young men and wrapped up murdering over thirty-six of them. Astonishingly, he was able to get away with his murders for almost a decade even though he buried many in the crawl space of his house.

It’s no surprise to Gacy’s ability as he was embossed with the incredible quality and IQ that assisted him in conning his victims to his bizarre and horrifying space.

All his victims were murdered in his house and astonishingly no one was able to get hold of his crimes; this boosted his confidence also.

His modus of operand is unique and has long been studied to date. He would lure his victims into his space by disguising himself as a policeman. He sometimes offers money to his victims for fun or invites them over for drinks. Stretching to his outstanding ability, he commonly indoctrinates them into believing that they would be offered a job if they agreed to follow him to his house. Most of his victims were also lured to his space by force.

When he lures his victim to his apartment, he handcuffs them through conning, performs his séxual treacherous desires and strangles or slowly kills them.

Robert Piest


Robert Piest posing with his family Dogs

Gacy in the phase of his adventures, headed on to prey on a convincing number of young men and boys until he met Robert Piest who exposed him but unfortunately, he paid with his life.

Gacy was already loving life and confident with his horrifying killings and disguise. On December 11, 1978, Gacy had visited the Nisson Pharmacy in Des Plaines, to discuss a potential deal with the store owner.

While he discussed with the shop owner, Piest who worked in the pharmacy overheard him mention that his firm often hired teenage boys at a starting wage of $5 per hour which is almost double the fee Piest earned at the pharmacy. This motivated him to link up with Gacy which didn’t turn out well.

Shortly after his mother had arrived at the store to drive him home so he could join his siblings and celebrate her birthday together, Piest politely refused and insisted that: “some contractor wants to talk to me about a job”.

He left the arena and linked up with Gacy who didn’t hesitate to perform his conventional séxual taste on him and murdered him.

According to Gacy, 15-year-old Piest was quite different and his favourite victim amid how he didn’t struggle to resist his approach. However, this was prompted by an intense fear.

After Piest had left and visited Gacy in his apartment at about 9:00 Pm, he was murdered one hour later in one of Gacy’s rooms.

This foresaw intense torture and séxual abuse before his death. Gacy disclosed that Piest was ambitious and was ready to work hard to earn his money while they discussed the business deal.

He however had a different plan. According to him, he offered him a soft drink and duped him into donning handcuffs allowing him to perform his tradition on him.

Conviction and death


Hours after Piest failed to return home as he promised, his mother filed a missing person report with the Des Plaines police which resulted in Gacy’s arrest. This took days of thorough investigation before the police department was able to search Gacy’s apartment and discover his unforgettable horror.

He was convicted and charged with multiple crimes. His sentencing involved ten years and execution. He died on May 10, 1994, after his execution.

While the Police Department investigated his house they discovered a whopping number of twenty-six victims buried in the crawl space of his apartment. They also learned that three other victims were buried elsewhere on his property while four were discarded in the Des Plaines River.

John Wayne Gacy has been identified as one of the most dangerous men in the history of mankind. His IQ attracted geniuses who are currently in possession of his brain for further studies to date.

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