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Robert Ben Rhoades – The Truck Stop Killer In Disguise

Robert Ben Rhoades found taste in abducting, torturing, raping, killing and dumping the body of beautiful female teens who he often picks from the roadsides with his truck. This mostly affected hitchhikers and roadside séx workers who he sexually assaulted via his taste. Yes, Robert Ben Rhoades is still alive!

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The above photograph displays the last moment of Regina Kay Walters on earth before she would be murdered by a serial killer obsessed with young teens in the 90s.

This proves just slightly the vast passion of one of the American notorious serial killers, Robert Ben Rhoades in disguise developed for young feminines that ended the lives of over 20 teenagers at the time of his operations.

The beautiful history of America may have attracted an enormous number of different races to migrate their living bounty to the nation but they may as well put that into consideration amid the view of top-notch serial killers recorded in the country since the 80s to date.

From the status that cannibalised their victims to the personals that developed a cruel passion for sexual parasitism, we have outlined Robert Ben Rhoades as a nightmare to all.

Robert Ben Rhoades 


Robert Ben Rhoades

Robert Ben Rhoades who is famously known as The ‘Truck Stop Killer’ is an American notorious serial killer and rapist who found taste in killing, raping and torturing young female teens.

His operation spanned for over 15 years between 1975 to 1990 leading to the death of over 50 victims before he was convicted of several charges and sentenced to life imprisonment.

Early Life 

Robert Benjamin Rhoades who was born in Council Bluffs, Iowa in 1945 was specifically raised in an undisclosed location by her mother who didn’t quite enjoy the best bond of her marital union following her husband’s soldier vocation.

Unlike the other serial Killers, Robert’s childhood was normal as he was provided with unlimited care and parenting by her mother.

In his teens, he still lacked his father’s guidance even though he retired from the US Army and joined the US Firefighters. This however never ruined his teen as he often enjoyed the care her mother deployed to his status.

His first crime tales in his teen involved only an arrest for tampering with a vehicle at the age of 16 in 1965 for tampering with a vehicle along with an arrest for public fighting at the age of 17 in 1967.

According to Wikipedia, during Roberts’ High School era, he engaged in the extracurricular activities of his attended schools and involved himself with various sports and other programs, including gridiron football, wrestling, choir and French club. This made his teen very perfect.

The tole of life would befall him after graduating from Thomas Jefferson High School in Council Bluffs in 1964 and joining the US Marine Corps.

Robert couldn’t experience that proud moment a successful father would embrace and celebrate his son for achieving a milestone because was arrested for molesting a 12-year-old girl on that exact day. He would go and commit suicide before his trial which broke Robert mentally.

His service at his vocation was withdrawn and discharged after he was involved in an alleged theft. This transpired around 1967 or 1968 when he was dishonourably discharged from the military for his involvement in a robbery.

After the discharge, Robert didn’t hesitate to strive for a new vocation which he didn’t find easy. He thrived to fit into several vocations for months until he became a trucker.

In the 1970s and 1980s of this vocation and adventure, he married 3 times and welcomed a child with his first wife. This was also the era he developed an obsession with BDSM – A Tv series that endorse and tutors the need for torture during séxual activity with your partner for extraordinary pleasure.

He tried to practise BDSM with his wife but she refused which resulted in a forceful approach. He tortured and sexually abused his wife severally to an extent that she left him.

Murders, arrest and sentencing 

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The last moment of Regina Walters on earth captured by Robert Ben Rhoades before killing her.

Robert killed over 50 victims of his taste but the Police Department where able to document 6 of them.

His first killing transpired after he picked married hitchhikers identified as Patricia Candace Walsh and her husband, Douglas Zyskowski, in January 1990.

While there were on a long journey, with no hesitation, he killed Douglas and dumped his body along the road. His body was found and identified several years after the incident.

While he kept Patricia, he tortured and raped her severally before killing her and dumping her body by the roadside also.

A month later, he set off for another hunt caught in the grind of an 18-year-old victim, Shana Holts, who escaped and informed police after he had raped her severally. Weeks after the police had captured Robert, they dismissed their supposed investigation after Shana couldn’t find any vital evidence to sue him.

His urge didn’t quite quench after he deployed the same obsession on one of his famous victims, Regina Walters. At the time of the operation, Robert picked up Regina Walters and her boyfriend, Ricky Lee Jones on the roadside while they were on the verge to run away from home together.

No information was provided on how he killed Ricky until his decomposed remains were found several years later. His autopsy confirmed that he was shot in the head immediately after he was picked by Robert alongside his girlfriend.

Just like his other victims, he tortured and raped Regina to his satisfaction. Among all his victims, Regina emerged to be the victim he was extremely obsessed with because of her beauty.

After several months of sexual assault and torture, he strangled her to death. During the day he murdered her, he portrayed his favourite rites that involved cutting off his victim’s hair and forcing her to wear a black gown and shoes. He took some photographic shots of her and kept them in remembrance of her beauty. This was when the current trending horrifying photographs of Regina originated.

Her decomposed body was found and avenged after Robert was caught in the act with his last victim, Kathleen Vine several years later.

He was convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment. Robert denied all the first-degree counts of murder pledged on him at the peak of his trials but pleaded guilty after enormous evidence exposed his dark side.

At his home, several torture tools and BSDM equipment were in his possession. Including vast photographs of his victims, which he captured before killing them. He is currently serving his jail terms at Menard Correctional Center located in the united states.

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