Tips To Attract More Listeners To Your Music

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Many artists seem to be stuck on the idea that for someone to enjoy their music, they have to know all of the lyrics. But with the rise of streaming services, more and more people just want a song on replay without having to listen attentively. We wanted to shed some light on this trend by highlighting some ways an artist can get their music heard more often. 

  1. Make a YouTube channel: 

YouTube is one of the largest platforms available for artists because it’s free and it offers a built-in audience. YouTube doesn’t force anyone to subscribe to an artist before they can listen to songs (unlike some streaming services). So if you have a small or medium-sized following, use this opportunity to showcase your talent by providing free content on YouTube. 

  1. Connect with a radio host: 

Nowadays radio plays are very hard to come across on any platform, so if you have a lot of subscribers then it won’t take too long for someone to hear you on the radio (if only for a few seconds). If an artist can find time to meet with a local radio host, they can ask them to play their songs on their show. Nowadays, it’s not only about how much music you make but also how many people you can connect with and how much your music resonates with them. 

  1. Submit your music to free streaming services: 

There are tons of platforms that allow artists to publish their music for free (for a limited amount of time). Platforms like MusicDiverse, Apple Music, SoundCloud, and Deezer are perfect for artists who want to reach more listeners. If a song is played on one of these platforms, then it can easily be linked to the artist’s page. Promote your songs by sharing them on social media and asking a few friends if they can listen to your music. 

  1. Give away free downloads: 

This can be risky because you’re giving your music away for free, but streaming services don’t allow listeners to download songs. So if you don’t have any mailing lists or social media pages, then this may be a good option. You can give away one song per week to reach more listeners. This helps the listener easily access your music and it also gives them a reason to follow your page on social media. 

  1. Share new songs on social media: 

This may sound a little extreme, but after you’ve released a few songs, you can easily link to them on your social media profiles or share them with influencers. This will help you promote your other music and also increase your following. It may seem like it would take forever to promote all of the songs on your page, but with a little patience, this strategy can pay off. 

  1. Submit your music to a record label: 

This is the last resort because it’s very difficult for artists to get noticed on the internet. But if you believe that you have what it takes to be a successful musician, then give it your best shot and submit your music to a record label. They always want new talent and if you can produce high-quality music, then there’s no reason that they shouldn’t release your song. 

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