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Do you want to know how much she loves you? Do these 5 things

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Ladies are extraordinary creatures, a wonderful creature and a gift to the male life status but sometimes, they are cruel and pretty much complicated to figure out.

Referring to relationship status, we are enlightened with the knowledge that both male and female shouldn’t be trusted at a given point but in reality, the ratio of the most dangerous in this status are the girls. They are conning, allergic to loitering with men feelings. This has destroyed many men genuine feeling for the girls which still trends. In Africa, from commends so far, we have recorded tremendous crisis which came from relationships resulting in death and other awful reports.

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The question is:  do you want to fall a victim? Of course, no man want to fall a victim to these awful results and that’s what thrust this article. If you really want to confirm how much your partner value your identity, stick with these five justifications. Be number one, not the second.

Ask her to introduce you to her parents

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It’s pretty much difficult for a lady to introduce you to her parents because they are enlightened with the notion that once she introduces you to her parents they would stake you as her future husband if you fall to the favour of their likenesses. A lady who doesn’t see any future of tying the knot with you will never introduce you to her parents.

Ask her to pay bills sometimes

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It doesn’t have to condone disrespect but this is necessary. On a date together, tease her to pay the bills and see her reaction. From face expression to her choices of reactions, you would remark your compliment to us. A lady who loves you in a higher nostalgia would pay the bills, if she doesn’t have, she would notify you; if your woman can’t pay the pills you would know.

Pay an intruding visit

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Visit her apartment or condominium as an intruder and explore how she will react at the first sight. If you are her bill fool, she wouldn’t encourage you to visit her next time. In a different point, if you are her true love, she would want you to spend a moment enjoying her company. However, home rules vary.


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Sometimes condone an unstoppable calling and see her reaction. The moment you guys ended the tenth conversation of the day, dial her number once more and see if she will pick up. If she picks, verify her utterances impression ranging from the voice and duration. If you are the one, she will never get tired of your calls.

Request for your identity to be used as hers on her favourite social media platforms

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You must have gone so deep amidst the love endowment in a girl nostalgia for you before she could consider using your identity as hers on Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter and Instagram. Try requesting for one, if she truly loves you, she would succumb to your request.

Don’t use these points and create crises in your favourite relationship by condoning them haughtily and disrespectfully. Condone them politely, it works.

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