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Five reasons why you should never hit your partner

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Relationship matters most and it has been so far staked naturally as men and women fall in love.

This has also led many to the idea of tying the knot which has been the reason why many couples enjoy marriage.

Despite the beauty of this, many men seem not favourable as they lay hand on their women in many circumstances.

Research has claimed that It’s very wrong to lay hand on your girl no matter what situation.

Anger is a disease and should be controlled.

Here are the reasons why you shouldn’t lay hand on your woman.

1. Risk of damages

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Females are naturally weak amidst fighting which has been so far confirmed by the psychological teams. Hitting your woman may disfigure her forever. Regret may transpire tremendously after such.

Here are some weak areas on women bodies which can be damaged easily.

•Their shoulders

•Their joints

•Their boobs

•Their wombs

These areas are likely damaged easily and can’t be corrected. Avoid hitting your woman.

2. Risk of losing her to many men

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It’s clearly funny but this happens, if a girl decides to abandon the guy she loves so much and has created a lot of memories with, she will never stick to one man anymore and can never return to you. 30% are characterised with the temperament of sticking to one man when such happens.

Don’t hit her, be a man and endure the misunderstandings then sort it out. Fighting is never the answer.

3. Risk of exposing your family affairs to the public

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This is referred to married men out there, Once you create an enemy barrier with your wife, a lot of your secrets will be exposed because women have less motion and control especially when they are in conflict.

She may caste your image outside which is absolutely destroying your marriage and your children’s future.

Be the man and have your wife as your true best partner.

4. Corrupts the children’s state of respect and thinking

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Comparison, favouritism and hate between each other may lunch between your children because there is no rigid parental care.

This kills the children future, don’t even think they don’t actually know when there is conflict in the house.

5. Moulds hate


Hate is so dangerous, it’s capable of turning coupled into monsters thereby; every terrible thing or acts is glaring for them to condone upon each other.

This has been the reason the wife squash hot water on the partner and also the reason why a boo kills his girl.

It’s clear, the spirit goes with anger, that’s why we do regret anger.


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